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Would you follow a linguistics' rule that allows you using only 25% of the letters?

So why do you accept such a restriction in your business options by the standard economics’ paradigms?

It’s time to go beyond Business Administration to Business Engineering.
B’Engin is fully compatible to the classic B’Admin because it provides a generic broader scientific base that includes human values and potentials.

That increases smart business options for sustainable solutions by factor three.

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Broadening the base of economic tower power.

Project NEMO
(New/Next Economic Model)

nemo home

Project NEMO realizes the new economic model. It’s based on the two elements that determine business success in the market.
The orientation of the potentials (material, immaterial) and the (subjective) values of all stakeholders.
Thus, managers at all levels have more complete basis for sustainable decisions.

INSEDE is the organization.
The main basic principles and applications of the new model are defined in the business engineering systems.

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(Institute for Sustainable Economic Development)


INSEDE is an open, physical and virtual institute.

The Institute is the independent organization

  • to develop and disseminate new generation of holistic models for economics, politics and society.
  • and all services and licensing options associated with it.

INSEDE provides the structure for the development of innovative solutions, which are not possible within traditional organizations.


Business Engineering Systems

Business Engineering Systems home

Insights, knowledge, methods and techniques are (intangible) products and tools.
Their development is subject to lifecycles, which are interrupted by disruptive innovations that enable entirely new solutions.

The Business Engineering Systems are one such innovation in the field of economic principles and their application.
They are a modular stock of several thousand texts, visualizations, 3d models, templates and software for the modeling of smart companies and countries.
R&D > CHF 4.5 million. Registered Copyright...

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Welcome to INSEDE and it's Business Engineering Solutions

Spread your insights with the help of our templates...
Templates for Managers, Consultants, Teachers...
Visualize your real experiences....

  • Think how
  • Show how
  • Explain how
  • Support how

Finally I have a tool to discuss with the auditors about the real values of my company.

CEO, anonymous

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