Kondratieff - New Theory of Value & Reform or Market Collapse.
(Reuben L. Norman, Jr. 1998)

And yes - INSEDE (Institute for Sustainable Economic Development) has developed the foundations for the new theory of values​​.
It is based on the tangible and intangible resources/assets and its potential for solving real needs.
Plus it discloses the use of a vector metric that enables to measure monetary (business) and non-monetary (social/natural) values simultaneously.

In short:
Better maps for smart economies and nations. Fast track to sustainable growth. Based on existing assets.

Link INSEDE: http://insede.org
Link paper (intro vector value): http://bengin.net/bes/e/vector_based_pmmetrics_e.html

Get PDF here: http://bengin.net/dl/kondratieff002_e.pdf