The more intelligent the products/offers are, the more intelligent the resources need to be. And the more expensive are the advance expendi for the development and the production means.
Thinking beyond this classic cost-focus: Expenses for intelligent solutions are investments into intangible assets and power up the potential to solve people's real problems in new ways.
If you recognize this growing potential and take as a starting point, you can expand your strategy and generate additional income without any investment.
All it needs is a change in focus. (And may be a map to see the whole framework.)
Link for downloading framework as PDF

  • Tradesmen and economists do not care about...
  • products are developed and produced.
  • But in real reality there are invisible hidden assets.
  • They grow up with the requirements.
  • They can be used in addition to the main strategy.

"We also need to develop an economic theory appropriate to a world economy in which knowledge has become the key economic resource and the dominant... source of comparative advantage."

Peter E. Drucker, The Atlantic 11/1994 (source here)

Finding the next gold mine you already own


Monetary P&L, Balance
Classic mercantilist's view

Classic framework shows less than half of assets and results of any company.
Has to be something beyond money flow?


+ Intangible Assets
Source of making Products

The more intelligent the products will be and have to be built, the more Intangible Assets are needed.
Take care about and use it for additional earnings.


Intangible Balance, P&L
Value creating net

Elements needed in a productive enterprise - and how they are linked together.
Power of Intangible Assets grow with experience.


Smart & short line
From Potential to P&L

If you have products and some Intangible Assets, upgrade your strategy by offering services and licenses too.
Broadens the line from your Potentials to the P&L...

Want to make your own real 3D-Models?


You can make this tube yourself.

template for EcoTube

Download the template as a pdf from here.

It only needs paper and a knife to show your peers what they miss, if they use the classic science (economics).

more 3d models

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Help your peers to see reality from different points of view and gain new perspectives for strategic business options.
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