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INSEDE brings the inspirations and solutions for sustainable-oriented entrepreneurs, consultants, teachers.

If your employees act according to outdated business rules and decide
it comes little really new and still much too late to the market.
And yes, there is now a solution.
Expand the grown thinking limits of the "Business Administration" brings new freedom to act and sustainable value creation.

Project NEMO

We design a new economic model. Potential and benefit oriented. This means that the intangible resources, the subjective values ​​and potentials count. The real values ​​of the employees and the customers.

Aim of NEMO is to set up INSEDE and enabling next step of development the instruments management and politicians need to develop sustainable smart economies and nations.

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The congenial (open) "Institute for Sustainable Economic Development".

Operational body for the community.
Center for products (inc. 3D models), services, basics, projects, R&D, knowledge transfer, Licenses (in and out) ...
Mainly based on the enhanced basics framework and metrics laid down in the B'E-Systems


Business Engineering Systems

When it comes to smart use of existing resources and potential. Enable true sustainable solutions for problems and needs of people.

Structured set of several thousand generic visualizations, 3D-Models, templates and software for making models and maps of smart economies and nations.
R&D > CHF 4.5 Mio. Registered Copyright...

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Welcome to INSEDE and it's Business Engineering Solutions

Spread your insights with the help of our templates...
Templates for Managers, Consultants, Teachers...
Visualize your real experiences....

  • Think how
  • Show how
  • Explain how
  • Support how

Finally I have a tool to discuss with the auditors about the real values ​​of my company.

CEO, anonymous

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